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The Society for the Neural Control of Movement (NCM) is an international community of scientists, clinician-investigators and students all engaged in research whose common goal is to understand how the brain controls movement.

The mission of the Society for the Neural Control of Movement is to provide a useful, productive, and proactive forum for scientists, physicians, educators and students bound by a common interest in the structure and function of neural systems underlying the control of movement, and in disorders of these systems, so as to advance our understanding of motor systems and in turn catalyze solutions to disorders of normal function.

This mission is accomplished primarily through the NCM Annual Conference each spring, which constitutes the world’s leading scientific meeting dedicated to how the brain controls movement. Through a variety of topical multi-author sessions and individual presentations (oral or poster), the conference provides a rare diversity of style and content that is unique and stimulating. Extensive discussion is a hallmark of all sessions, and the meetings are by nature informal and cordial. The schedule encourages personal interactions among the attendees as well as scheduled sessions. The result is an engaging mix of diverse interactions among colleagues at all levels.

Membership and conference registration is available to scientists, clinician-investigators, and students across all disciplines related to the mission and identity of NCM. Members receive reduced conference registration fees, and have the opportunity to submit proposals for presentation at the Annual Meeting, suggest and coordinate Satellite Meetings, access archives of all NCM meetings, stand for election to the Board and have access to member-wide forums on our website that include the NCM Job Bank and others that support topical discussion as well as session development for the Annual Conference. 

NCM is a US based, registered non-profit Society with members located in over 20 countries.

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