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Scholarship Program

New investigators and faculty are essential for the future of any field of scientific inquiry. NCM has historically encouraged conference participation by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The scholarship program is designed to provide partial support for them to participate in the conference and is open to student and post-doc members in good standing. Our goal is to support at least six individuals with a scholarship of $700-$1000 each, depending upon our funding status.

Scholarship applications associated with Team (Multi-Author) Submissions are considered top priority, as are individual oral presentations.  Secondary considerations entail preference to students who are nearing the end of their thesis research, and post-docs nearing the end of their training. Only one application will be allowed from a particular laboratory. Successful recipients are required to present a poster or participate in another session during the conference. Application for awards will be accepted (and results announced) as noted in the key dates.

How to Apply

Applicants must be members in good standing and submit an abstract through the normal abstract submission process (any format). A one page (maximum) personal statement and a one page (maximum) letter of recommendation from the applicant's Advisor, must accompany the abstract as supplemental information.

The Applicant's personal statement must include an outline of:

  • Your current year and status as a student or post-doc, and
  • Your future goals and career direction.

The Advisor's letter of recommendation must include:

  • The student/fellow's aptitude and interest in the field of neural control of movement, and
  • The student/fellow’s current status in the Ph.D. program

Individual Submission Applications

Detailed instructions are noted within the Abstract Submission Form.  To apply with an individual submission, you will be required to upload your personal statement and letter COMBINED in PDF format at the end of the submission form.  Please ensure to name the PDF document as follows: “FirstName_LastName_Scholarship.”

Team Submission Applications

If you have been confirmed as part of a Team (Multi-Author) Submission and wish to apply for a scholarship, you do not need to submit another abstract. Click here to apply as a Team Submitter.

Past NCM Scholarship Winners

2014 Scholarship Winners 

Click here for 2014-2015

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