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2015 Satellite Meeting

The 2015 Satellite Meeting will take place on Monday April 20, 2015 and will revolve around the theme“Neural Mechanisms of Rehabilitation.”  This one-day satellite meeting will gather specialists in the fields of neurophysiology, neurology, neuroimaging, brain stimulation and rehabilitation to share state of the art research into the neural underpinnings of rehabilitation from nervous system injury and disease. The goal is to appeal to both basic and clinical scientists by emphasizing translational research and showing what the future of rehabilitation might look like. 

The satellite meeting will include a poster session with dedicated viewing and the following tracks with the below confirmed speakers:
1. Welcome/Introduction
Steve Kautz (very short orientation to the meeting and its purpose)

2. Motor experience induced plasticity following injury (Moderator: Aiko Thompson) 
Aiko Thompson, Jeff Kleim, Michael Ridding, and Beth Fisher (with focus on motor learning)

3. Adjuvants to enhance plasticity and motor recovery (Moderator: DeAnna Adkins) 
Randy Nudo (cortical plasticity with electrical stimulation), Michael Kilgard (VNS stimulation), Gordon Mitchell (enhanced plasticity via hypoxia), Simon Gizter (stem cell adjuvants)

4. Personalization of rehabilitation based on an individual’s underlying pathophysiology (Moderator: Rick Segal) 
Leo Bonilha (connectome), Darcy Reismann (BDNF and motor learning), Jules Dewald (motor synergies), Catherine Lang (individual response to upper extremity stroke rehab)

5. Wrap up/Round table Q and A session with all speakers


Please click here for poster abstract submission guidelines for the 2015 Satellite Meeting.

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